Race Report: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

“Go! Go! Goooooo, St. Louis!” The race emcee has been shouting this phrase for years, and it works! Now in its 17th year, the Go! St. Louis Marathon and Family Fitness Weekend attracts 25,000 participants for its 10-race weekend.


The Marathon and Half Marathon was held Sunday, April 9, and boasted a new course. We started at the waterfront. It was a bit of a tight squeeze as runners and spectators crowded onto the riverside sidewalks. I ran with my sweet hubbie, and our wonderful friend Marlon. He was in Corral C (!), we were in E, so we snapped a selfie, and headed to our starting corrals.


The race got underway, and we headed out and over the first bridge, then over a second one, and into East STL.


We wandered through quite a few neighborhoods, and onto the Budweiser campus.


We also ran by the STL Cardinals Stadium, and there were some heroes among us…


One aide station stood out.. chocolate!


It was time to wrap this one up, and I picked it up as I headed to the finish line, under the St. Louis Arch.


I ran this race years ago, and always  remembered the “Go! Go! Gooooo St. Louis” Euro-soccer-like mantra of the race emcee, so in my return this year, I was delighted to hear it’s still part of the weekend tradition. It’s a fun, festive event, and I’m glad I got to experience it again.


C’mon, Get Happy! My fave SkSp skirt

I was recently asked by the fabulous Nicole DeBoom, owner of Skirt Sports, to produce a video featuring my favorite Skirt Sports skirt. With nine Happy Girl skirts in my vast wardrobe, it was an easy choice! Here’s some info on the HG skirt:

“The Happy Girl is the big sister of our wildly popular Gym Girl Ultra Skirt, the Happy Girl Skirt promises to take care of you. The 17″ skirt makes this style a shoe-in for any activity requiring a little more modesty (like wearing it to work!) and is embraced by women of all body types. The 7″ built-in semi-compression shorts stay-put eliminating those dreaded thigh-chafing issues forever. Three well-placed, ample pockets give you lots of secret stash options. While this longer running style was made for the roads, it can do oh-so-much more. From a 5k to a work meeting to happy hour, this skirt backs up its claim – it makes you HAPPY!” -SkirtSports.com

Click here for my video: I hope it makes you a Happy Girl too!



2016 Colder Bolder – Frozen Fun!

Date: December 2, 2016

The Colder Bolder is a great winter tradition! It’s set on the campus of the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and it’s a Bolder Boulder qualifier!

Your Bolder Boulder finish time determines your wave for the Colder Bolder, so in this race, you run with people of similar race abilities! While waiting for your wave to start, you can stay warm in Balch Fieldhouse, and when they announce your wave, you head to the starting line.


This race is very popular, and has lots of waves. Because you compete with folks in your wave for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, there are lots of winners! You can also use your finish time to qualify for a wave in the Bolder Boulder! That’s very important because the Bolder Boulder in May hosts around 50-thousand runners!


Again, the Colder Bolder course winds its way through the campus of the University of Colorado, and ends inside the Balch Fieldhouse!


Once across the finish line, it’s time for free beer and brags about your finish time! What a super fun race! It really helps take the chill off of winter racing!




Race Report Arizona: Pass Mtn. Trail Run 2016

I don’t get to Arizona much, but when I do, a trail run is a must! It’s the best way to see the beauty that is the Arizona desert! We chose the Aravaipa Pass Mtn. Trail Run 10k in Mesa, in November.


The race included two Ultra’s, but we chose the 10k. It started at 9a, and it was already 82-degrees!


The course was super pretty, and gave you a great sense of what it’s like to be an Arizona trail runner, and what it takes to run in that heat!


I forgot my water bottle in the car, so I did suffer through this one! The first water station was at mile 4, and after a few glasses of water, I still suffered the last 2 miles. My own fault! Hubby took a twist in the trail a little too fast, and caught a cactus! Ouch!



Again, this race offers 50K, 25K, 10K, 5K races, so there is something for everyone! That applies to the aid station too! They were top-notch, even offering vegan options! Huzzah!


The race was well-organized, and super fun. When I’m back in Arizona, I’ll look for another Aravaipa event to take part in!

Outfit for this race: Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra skirt, Runner’s Roost team shirt.

Returning to the scene of the ‘sprankle.’ The Moab Trail Half marathon 2016

Oh, how I love Moab! It’s such a great town, and an amazing place to run a race! When I ran this race last year, I sprained my ankle about a half-mile from the finish line. That sprain haunted me for quite awhile, keeping me from running for several months.

Now, it was time to be brave! After months of working my way back to running, we decided to give Moab another go and we added the Moab Trail Marathon to our 2016 race schedule. I’m so glad we did!


This race is super tough, but it’s so beautiful! You really get to make the most of the Moab trails.


The race starts out fairly easy, but the elevation soon presents itself in grand fashion!


The course is unrelenting, but the scenery is amazing!


The last mile of the course puts you inside a creek bed, and while my shoes filled with red sand, the cold water felt great on my tired feet!


I also like this race, because so many people from Colorado run it. It’s always a fun party at the finish line!


Again, this is one of the most beautiful races around. If you get the chance, do it! You’ll be transformed!

Outfit for this race: Skirt Sports Gotta Go skirt, and Runner’s Roost Lakewood Team shirt and hat!

Race report: LA Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon 2016

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series makes running fun. Each year, more athletes participate in Rock ‘n’ Roll running events than any other running series in the United States.

The Los Angeles Rock n’ Roll Half marathon was October 29, and started at the Staples Center in downtown LA.


It was great weather, and with Halloween right around the corner, everyone was in a festive mood.


There were lots of folks in costume, and everyone was ready to run!

I ran with my hubbie Bruce, and his longtime friend Marlon. The course was mostly streets, and neighborhoods, but you did get a chance to run through the storied LA Coliseum.


While the course wasn’t great, it was super fun to run with friends, there was a great energy to the race, and lots of fun folks along the route, and running the race.


I’m not sure I would run this one again, but if you haven’t run it yet, it’s one to put on your list!


Outfit for this race: Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra skirt, Runner’s Roost Team shirt

Race Report: LA Marathon 2016

Crank up the Beach Boys, baby. Don’t let the music stop, We’re gonna RUN til we just can’t RUN it no more.. I love LA! -Randy Newman, I Love LA (paraphrased!)

On February 14, 2016, after NO TRAINING for me (sprankle!), my hubby and I arrived in Los Angeles for the LA Marathon. We picked up the rental car, and headed to the Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center! It was pretty fun, and there was a DJ to pump up the energy!

expo DJ

We wandered around for about an hour, and I purchased a Sketchers LA Marathon Tee, a Spark bracelet that reads ‘Live Joyfully,’ and a mini Addaday roller, just in case my IT band decided to get zesty. Afterwards, we headed to our vacation rental, and hit the beach!


On Saturday, we watched the Olympic Marathon Trials in downtown LA. It was so exciting watching the best of the USA, racing to make the Olympic Marathon Team.

There were actually quite a few people from Colorado there, and it was fun to see them too.


After the trials, we tried to get over to a church in downtown LA that offers a Blessing of the Shoes for marathoners, but there was a huge celebration at nearby Chinatown, making for nightmarish traffic. It was a bummer to miss it, I felt like I needed my shoes blessed!

Later we met some friends for dinner at Gracias Madre, (Happy Birthday, Dan!), a wonderful vegan restaurant in West Hollywood, and had a great time celebrating! The food was wonderful, and the company was outstanding!

gracias madre.jpg

Race Day was Sunday, February 14, and we were up at 3:15. I wore my ‘vintage’ Runner’s Roost Race Team Colorado singlet, and my fave bright orange Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra skirt. We left the house at 4:30 a.m. to catch the Marathon Shuttle 2-miles away. Thinking there wouldn’t be a ton of traffic at that time, we decided to drive. Bad move! Traffic was a nightmare, and spent too much time trying to park. We ended up parking at the beach, paying $25. I was so glad I had cash with me; California is expensive!

After standing in another super-long line for the shuttle, we finally arrived at Dodger Stadium for the start.


We didn’t have much time at the start, so we dropped off our bags at the very-hard-to-locate Bag Drop, found some out-of-the-way port-a-potties (no line!!), and got into a corral (too crowded to get into our assigned corral, so we were at the back.) Moments later, the starting gun went off.


The vibe felt pretty good, and it was a fun start. Since I had not trained for this race, (sprankle!), I started out nice and slow. My race plan was to try to hold a 13-minute mile pace for the first 13 miles, and walk/run the remainder.

Out of the stadium, and at mile-2ish, we went through Chinatown. Great to see, but the water station there was already OUT OF WATER! I was super glad I was carrying my own!

We then headed into downtown LA. My sweet hubby stayed with me for the first four miles, then went on ahead to run his own race. At one point I looked up and saw the Hollywood Sign, I was so excited! You can just barely see it in this photo, (white dot on the hill, center).


I missed a lot of the other great sites I wanted to see, such as the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, Chateau Marmont, and others, but I did spot Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and had a great time in West Hollywood. It was so colorful and peppy!

One of the best points in the race was mile 17, on Rodeo Drive. My friend Dan was there and encouraged me, ran with me for a few minutes, and cheered me on. It was such a boost!! Thanks, Dan!

After that, things got tough, the mileage started to wear on me, and my feet were killing me! But, on the upside; there was still a lot to see along the way; the course was PACKED with people, and folks cheering for us!


So, on I slogged, now clocking 14-minute miles, but still running! I put Bonnie Tyler’s song ‘I Need a Hero‘ on repeat. It’s a peppy song, and has a good beat. I finally made it to the finish line, and was able to run across, and find my hubby!

This one is a ‘run-and-done’ for me, while I really liked the race, I probably won’t run it again, so I’m glad I was able to check it off the ‘to-do list.’

RECAP: The LA Marathon is a tough one, but it’s a lot of fun. It offers a beautiful course, lots of great landmarks, and tons of crowd support; from the volunteers to the communities, there was never an empty sidewalk. As Randy Newman sang, “It’s just another perfect day.. I Love LA!

Outfit for this race: Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra skirt, ‘vintage’ Runner’s Roost team shirt, Sketchers LA Marathon Visor.




Race report: Vegas RnR, Baybee!

It’s a city that has its own slogan: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But, my most recent trip there for the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll races was so much fun, I’m about to break that ‘rule!’

My husband and I, and two other couples, headed to Vegas on Saturday, November 14, to celebrate my hubbies birthday, and to run the Rock n’ Roll Vegas 5k and Half Marathon. (Since I had sprained my ankle the weekend before, and I was on crutches, my race participation was in question.)

As soon as we boarded the plane, someone asked, “Are you Lisa?” Turns out these two ladies are friends-of-a-friend, and recognized me from Facebook!ON PLANE

The trip was off to a fun start! As soon as we arrived in Vegas, we checked-in to our hotel, (Mandalay Bay, right at the Half Marathon start!) and we headed to the race expo! Brooks had a pretty sweet set-up, (I’m a sucker for anything Tiki-fied!)RUN

And I was lucky enough to see my wonderful friend, and Team Edith Ambassador, Thad! ‘Hubbie’ and I also met up with our friends, including the only other runner-in-the-group, Jennie!


On the way out, I picked up the Pacer Packet for my friend, Othman. He was flying in Sunday morning to pace the 3:35 group for the marathon, and flying out right after the race! Wow! But it’s probably the only time in my life that I’ll get to carry a 3:35 Pacer sign!

335 SIGN

Now, the Vegas races are all at night, so we left the expo, headed to the room, and got ready for the Saturday night 5k. I decided to give it a try, use my crutches, and see how it went! We took the monorail to the race, it was crowded, but everyone was in a party mood!


That party mood continued at the starting line, and as the race started, I crutched off!5K START BANNER

My fellow runners/walkers were so great! There were so many high-5s and words of encouragement! It took me 1:19 to finish the 5k, but it was a super-fun time!CRUTCHES

The 5k convinced me that ‘crutching’ through the half-marathon would be silly, but I decided to give the Sunday night 10k a try! The starting line at SLS Casino boasted another party atmosphere, and the weather was warm.10K START

Off we went, and this time, I went with one crutch.


We headed up to Fremont Street, and the course was super! With some of the old signs along the way, there was a lot to look at! As the sun set, and the neon came on, it made for a terrific time!LV SIGN



The 10k and Half courses are ‘out-and-back’, so as I headed to the finish line, I spotted my hubbie and our friend Jennie running the Half. Fun!
JENNIEjpgThe weather had taken a windy, chilly turn, and I was glad to cross the finish line, even though a 10k took me 2:09! There was a lot of support throughout the race, and I met my friend Michael at the finish line!


He also did the 10k, but came back to cheer for folks! When we discovered that the race had misplaced my gear bag, Michael tried to track it down. I wouldn’t recover it until 11:30 p.m., when it showed up at the ‘misplaced bag’ table.BAGDROP

But in the meantime, I hung out in a casino, met up with my friends, and we partied like it was 1999!COSMO

It was a super-fun-fantastic trip, and I wouldn’t change a thing! This is a Vegas trip that won’t stay secret! I’ll talk about it for a long time!

The Marvel that is the Moab Trail Marathon

When you run a race, sometimes your goal is to win, often, the goal is to PR, or just have fun. When you race in Moab, sometimes the goal is just to finish! The terrain is both beautiful and brutal! 

On November 7, I ran the Adventure 5k option in the Moab Trail Marathon. (That’s me, front and center on their website!) We come back to this race every year. It is not too far from Denver, it is spectacular, all our friends run it, and, one more time: it’s just spectacular!

But, Moab is not for the faint-of-foot, the race course terrain is (again!) Brutal!

The Marathon and Half Marathon start first, and it’s great to send everyone off on their desert journey!  

Then the ADVENTURE 5k starts.   

We run the last 3.1 of the Marathon course. Imagine having to tackle the slick-rock and rope climbs after already covering 23 miles! But, that’s what we all come for!  

The field for the 5k was small this year, so I was lulled into thinking I might be able to place.   

As soon as I reached the wild terrain, I realized I wore the WRONG SHOES! I had on my road shoes, not trail shoes. The  slick rock was now extra slicky, and I was slipping and sliding all over the place! That proved to be my race Waterloo!  

After an encounter with some wasps, (angry that we were trampling through their neighborhood,)   

I slid my way down to the 2-mile aid station.   

Determined to finish, I stumbled down a hill, reached a lovely flat stretch, and sprained my ankle! Luckily, a nice man in a Jeep gave me a ride back to the finish line, where I spent the rest of the afternoon at First Aid.  

One injury bonus: I got to be carried to the car by my hubby, after he finished the Half Marathon!!  

I am now on crutches, and hope to recover in time for the Las Vegas Rock n Roll this weekend!

Was it worth it? Heck YES!! I still love Moab, and will run this race again. Next time, I will be more respectful of what lies ahead, and bring the proper footwear for this fantastic foot race!

Here’s my race Recap Video! Take a looksie: It will make you feel like you were there!

Game Changer! Why the Gotta Go Skirt is a GOTTA GET!

I love a running skirt, but I recently saw one so unique, I didn’t hesitate to throw my money at it in this Kickstarter campaign!

It’s the new skirt from Skirt Sports called the Gotta Go Skirt! I happily invested in the effort to make this skirt a reality because I believe it is a GAME CHANGER! This is the FIRST SKIRT EVER to address the unique ‘pee’ needs of female runners.

Banner SKIRT

Women runners outnumber men when it comes to the Half Marathon. Running USA. found that half marathons consist of 61% female runners! We train the long miles, we run the races, and yet, on during those long training runs we have to find someplace to ‘go,’ or on race day, we have to suffer through those long port-a-potty lines, hope that there is toilet paper by the time we get to the potty, and if we have to ‘go’ during a race, we have to do so when we finally spot a potty along the course. Not the case for the male runner. When nature calls, they simply pull over, and go. Women can’t do that, because it would require us to get ‘half-naked!’ But that’s about to change!

Skirt Sports first ‘introduced’ the ‘Trap Door’ skirt as an April Fool’s joke. They heralded a skirt with a ‘trap door’ so you “don’t need to bare your assets when nature calls.’

The original April Fool's ad for the Trap Door Skirt.

The original April Fool’s ad for the Trap Door Skirt.

But when thousands of women responded to the ad, saying “I really want that,” the Trap Door Skirt went from prank to Kick Starter! On Thursday, October 15, Skirt Sports launched their Kick Starter Campaign to make the newly named Gotta Go skirt a reality! Here’s what the Gotta Go offers:


When it comes to the Gotta Go.. I GOTTA GET! I was one of the first to invest in this skirt, and here’s why: Very few companies go beyond the ‘cute’ when it comes to women’s running clothes. Skirt Sports has always provided high quality, high performance clothes, and this skirt addresses a need that’s been long poo-poo’d by the running clothing industry.

This campaign will only be funded if at least $35,000 is pledged by Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015. So, check out the campaign here, consider putting your money where your skirt is, and HELP CHANGE THE WOMEN’S CLOTHING LANDSCAPE; sport the Gotta Go in the spring of 2016!

Check out the campaign here!!