Race report: Vegas RnR, Baybee!

It’s a city that has its own slogan: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But, my most recent trip there for the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll races was so much fun, I’m about to break that ‘rule!’

My husband and I, and two other couples, headed to Vegas on Saturday, November 14, to celebrate my hubbies birthday, and to run the Rock n’ Roll Vegas 5k and Half Marathon. (Since I had sprained my ankle the weekend before, and I was on crutches, my race participation was in question.)

As soon as we boarded the plane, someone asked, “Are you Lisa?” Turns out these two ladies are friends-of-a-friend, and recognized me from Facebook!ON PLANE

The trip was off to a fun start! As soon as we arrived in Vegas, we checked-in to our hotel, (Mandalay Bay, right at the Half Marathon start!) and we headed to the race expo! Brooks had a pretty sweet set-up, (I’m a sucker for anything Tiki-fied!)RUN

And I was lucky enough to see my wonderful friend, and Team Edith Ambassador, Thad! ‘Hubbie’ and I also met up with our friends, including the only other runner-in-the-group, Jennie!


On the way out, I picked up the Pacer Packet for my friend, Othman. He was flying in Sunday morning to pace the 3:35 group for the marathon, and flying out right after the race! Wow! But it’s probably the only time in my life that I’ll get to carry a 3:35 Pacer sign!

335 SIGN

Now, the Vegas races are all at night, so we left the expo, headed to the room, and got ready for the Saturday night 5k. I decided to give it a try, use my crutches, and see how it went! We took the monorail to the race, it was crowded, but everyone was in a party mood!


That party mood continued at the starting line, and as the race started, I crutched off!5K START BANNER

My fellow runners/walkers were so great! There were so many high-5s and words of encouragement! It took me 1:19 to finish the 5k, but it was a super-fun time!CRUTCHES

The 5k convinced me that ‘crutching’ through the half-marathon would be silly, but I decided to give the Sunday night 10k a try! The starting line at SLS Casino boasted another party atmosphere, and the weather was warm.10K START

Off we went, and this time, I went with one crutch.


We headed up to Fremont Street, and the course was super! With some of the old signs along the way, there was a lot to look at! As the sun set, and the neon came on, it made for a terrific time!LV SIGN



The 10k and Half courses are ‘out-and-back’, so as I headed to the finish line, I spotted my hubbie and our friend Jennie running the Half. Fun!
JENNIEjpgThe weather had taken a windy, chilly turn, and I was glad to cross the finish line, even though a 10k took me 2:09! There was a lot of support throughout the race, and I met my friend Michael at the finish line!


He also did the 10k, but came back to cheer for folks! When we discovered that the race had misplaced my gear bag, Michael tried to track it down. I wouldn’t recover it until 11:30 p.m., when it showed up at the ‘misplaced bag’ table.BAGDROP

But in the meantime, I hung out in a casino, met up with my friends, and we partied like it was 1999!COSMO

It was a super-fun-fantastic trip, and I wouldn’t change a thing! This is a Vegas trip that won’t stay secret! I’ll talk about it for a long time!


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