Returning to the scene of the ‘sprankle.’ The Moab Trail Half marathon 2016

Oh, how I love Moab! It’s such a great town, and an amazing place to run a race! When I ran this race last year, I sprained my ankle about a half-mile from the finish line. That sprain haunted me for quite awhile, keeping me from running for several months.

Now, it was time to be brave! After months of working my way back to running, we decided to give Moab another go and we added the Moab Trail Marathon to our 2016 race schedule. I’m so glad we did!


This race is super tough, but it’s so beautiful! You really get to make the most of the Moab trails.


The race starts out fairly easy, but the elevation soon presents itself in grand fashion!


The course is unrelenting, but the scenery is amazing!


The last mile of the course puts you inside a creek bed, and while my shoes filled with red sand, the cold water felt great on my tired feet!


I also like this race, because so many people from Colorado run it. It’s always a fun party at the finish line!


Again, this is one of the most beautiful races around. If you get the chance, do it! You’ll be transformed!

Outfit for this race: Skirt Sports Gotta Go skirt, and Runner’s Roost Lakewood Team shirt and hat!


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