Race Report: Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

“Go! Go! Goooooo, St. Louis!” The race emcee has been shouting this phrase for years, and it works! Now in its 17th year, the Go! St. Louis Marathon and Family Fitness Weekend attracts 25,000 participants for its 10-race weekend.


The Marathon and Half Marathon was held Sunday, April 9, and boasted a new course. We started at the waterfront. It was a bit of a tight squeeze as runners and spectators crowded onto the riverside sidewalks. I ran with my sweet hubbie, and our wonderful friend Marlon. He was in Corral C (!), we were in E, so we snapped a selfie, and headed to our starting corrals.


The race got underway, and we headed out and over the first bridge, then over a second one, and into East STL.


We wandered through quite a few neighborhoods, and onto the Budweiser campus.


We also ran by the STL Cardinals Stadium, and there were some heroes among us…


One aide station stood out.. chocolate!


It was time to wrap this one up, and I picked it up as I headed to the finish line, under the St. Louis Arch.


I ran this race years ago, and always  remembered the “Go! Go! Gooooo St. Louis” Euro-soccer-like mantra of the race emcee, so in my return this year, I was delighted to hear it’s still part of the weekend tradition. It’s a fun, festive event, and I’m glad I got to experience it again.



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