3’s a Charm? Did I break the Seattle RnR curse?

For the last three years, I’ve signed up to run the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon. My best-good friend, Jo, lives in Seattle, and we have been trying to finish it together. But, for the past two years, one of us has been injured, and while we’ve made it to the starting line, we’ve had to choose the lesser distance, never making it to the Half Marathon finish.

jO 2016

With my friend, Jo, at the Seattle RnR Expo 2016.

This year, I was confident that ‘curse’ would be broken! I even designed my race bib to say ‘3’s a Charm!’


At the starting line of the Seattle RnR 2017

But, the Seattle curse was too strong. Just after Memorial Day, I broke a toe, and was told not to run, unless I was on crutches. So, that’s what I decided to do: run the Saturday 5k on crutches, and see how it goes. If all went well, I would try to crutch through the Half marathon on Sunday. I had to break this curse!


My friend, Jo, decided to walk the 5k with me. So, we started off, last out of the gate, at a blistering 20-minute-mile pace! This race offered an easy out-and-back course, so an upside of running in this industrial district was getting to see lots of runners on their way back to the finish line.


There’s always at least one Elvis in every RnR race, but this one ran barefoot!

We got to see Jo’s son, Miles, making his way to the finish line, and this was his first 5k. Pretty exciting!


Go, Miles! His first 5k!

Kudos to the folks on crutches. Boy, were my arms tired! While it was fun, I was pretty slow, and since I didn’t think I could make the four-hour cutoff time for Sunday’s Half, I decided to call this weekend a 5k-crutch-and-quit.


Another Elvis! I had to stop and take a photo!

I finished up the race in just over an hour, got my medal, and was happy to have participated. On this day, a 5k was enough!


Happy to be done! Now, it’s WINE TIME!

I think the Seattle curse will go unbroken. After three tries, I’m not sure I’ll sign up for this race again. But, then again, we runners are always optimists. Stay tuned, Seattle!


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